about mika



Having worked at St Mary’s Hospital for over 6 years as a registered nurse in the Neonatal intensive care unit and postpartum care with premature babies, Mica has developed a delicate and patient approach with her clientele.

A self-care enthusiast with a passion for fitness, Mica’s personal and professional experiences have led to her establishing Clinique M|KA, so that she can help patients look and feel their best. 

Mica has also worked as a nurse at an aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinic for over a year, where she specialized in aiding patients in their recovery from bilateral breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

The success of Clinique M|KA comes at the intersection of Mica’s experience in the medical field, and her eye for beauty. 


At Clinic M|KA, we specialize in a variety of medical aesthetic practices, from the treatment of wrinkles to fillers and various dermatological procedures. Unlike other clinics, at M|KA we specialize in the treatment of melanin skin types since these skins can require a specialized and differential care plan. 

Our team of highly trained experts specializes in natural and long-lasting results. Our efforts to provide our clientele with a relaxing and positive experience, are unparalleled. 

Book a consultation today and let our team tailor-make your experience!

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